Ментальная структура концепта ПОКАЯНИЕ

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The mental structure of REPENTANCE concept in the Russian language is considered. The relevance of the study is determined by the cultural and scientific importance of studying the concept sphere of the Russian language, in particular emotional concepts. The analysis is based on the methodology of conceptual analysis proposed by Professor L. G. Babenko. According to this method, the structure of the concept contains cognitive features that are organized hierarchically and form the core area concept, circumnuclear zone, near and further periphery zones. The material for the study of the peculiarities of language explication of REPENTANCE concept are the data from the National corpus of the Russian language. In addition, the lexicographic sources serve as material - various dictionaries of the Russian language. Special attention is paid to revealing and description of cognitive characteristics of the concept on the basis of contexts found in the National corpus of the Russian language. The author analyzes the features of the distribution of identified cognitive characteristics in the field model of the concept. It is proved that REPENTANCE concept is significant for Russian culture, because its lexical representations are regularly reproduced in the texts of culture, are represented in the speech of Russian native speakers. It is noted that the concept under study is significant not only in religious but also in secular sphere of Russian national culture.
投稿的翻译标题Mental Structure of REPENTANCE Concept
期刊Научный диалог
Published - 2016

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