Микробиальные аэрозоли аэротенков как фактор загрязнения водных объектов

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Aeration impact on aerosols discharge from aeration tanks in the process of domestic waste water treatment has been considered. Waste waters and their aerosols microbial pollution has been shown. New regularities of the temperature, time, and wind velocity on moisture discharge and microbial pollution in the form of aerosols from water surface of the biological treatment aerated facilities have been obtained. The equations that enable to calculate moisture emission from water surface in the process of aeration are presented. Water losses in the form of aerosols in the process of aeration depending on the outside air temperature and wind velocity were determined theoretically and experimentally. The obtained equations can be used in designing of engineering measures aimed at reduction of the discharged aerosols negative microbial impact on water bodies adjacent to the territories of domestic waste waters biological treatment facilities.
投稿的翻译标题Aeration Tank Microbial Aerosols as a Factor of Water Bodies’ Pollution
期刊Водное хозяйство России: проблемы, технологии, управление
Published - 2017


  • 70.00.00 WATER ECONOMY

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