Определение параметров процесса наружной высадки концов труб

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In order to make well-founded choice of technology modes, equipment and tools for external end upset of pump and compressor pipes there was offered the mathematical model of the considered upset process, based on the use of the variational principle of minimum deformation work on the possible movements and method of work balance of all internal and external forces. It was considered the deformation zone scheme at the position of the punch at the end of impulse stroke with zonztion, distinguished by the nature of metal deformation during upset. The resulting mathematical model for determining the parameters of forming and power parameters of the external pipe end upset is implemented in software package MathCAD. This model is used to determine the dependence of upset force from the length of the conical transition section of swaged section to the pipe body for different pipe sizes. Adequacy of created mathematical model to the real technological process was checked by comparing the data obtained by simulation and experimental study of the process on the existing production equipment.
投稿的翻译标题Parameters’ determination of external pipe end upset
期刊Вестник Уральского государственного университета путей сообщения
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Published - 2017

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