ОРГАНЫ ГОСУДАРСТВЕННОЙ БЕЗОПАСНОСТИ НА ЗАЩИТЕ ОТЕЧЕСТВА: Одиннадцатые уральские военно-исторические чтения, посвященные 100-летию Управления ФСБ России по Свердловской области: сборник статей

科研成果: Book


The papers presented in the collection give academic understanding and comprehensive coverage of contribution of state security agencies to the strengthening of Russian state and defence of its sovereignty, independence and international prestige. The papers summarize experience of organization and activities of Russian special services in the national security system, show historical portraits of their remarkable representatives and mark the problem of relationship between state security agencies and society.
The collection is intended for a wide range of researchers, local historians, museum workers, teachers and students, veterans of war and labour, public figures and statesmen and for all those interested in regional, all-Russian and world history.
出版商Издательский Дом «СОКРАТ»
Published - 2018


  • 03.23.00