Оценка конкурентоспособности промышленного предприятия (на примере АО”ПО “УОМЗ им. Э.С. Яламова”): магистерская диссертация

科研成果: Master's Thesis


Thesis is presented on 95 pages of typewritten text, consists of introduction, three chapters, conclusion, bibliography and applications, includes 6 tables, 26 figures. The bibliographic list contains 73 names, including 5 foreign.
In the introduction justified the relevance of the research topic, formulate the purpose and tasks, object and subject of research, outlines the key provisions of novelty and practical significance of the work.
The first Chapter analyzes the concept of competition and competitiveness. Identified levels of competitiveness, and also studied the existing methodological foundations for estimating competitiveness of business entities.
The second Chapter is devoted to the analysis of the General situation and dynamics of development of separate segments of the market based on the review of basic characteristics. Also, in accordance with the dynamic method, assess the competitive status of machine-building enterprise JSC "PO "UOMZ". On the basis of what is revealed and articulated the shortcomings of the existing methods of estimation of competitiveness of business entities.
Description and practical approbation of the proposed methodology for assessing the competitiveness of managing subjects for formation of a complex of measures on improvement of activities of the studied enterprises are presented in the third Chapter. In particular, the main directions of further increase of competitiveness of JSC "PO "UOMZ" is the development of measures to improve the strategic positioning of the enterprise and increased market share by segment "optical and surveying equipment".
投稿的翻译标题Assessment of competitiveness of an industrial enterprise (on the example of JSC”PO “UOMZ . after E. S. Yalamov”): Master's thesis
资格Master of Science
  • Кельчевская, Наталья Рэмовна, Supervisor
Published - 2017

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