Полковник П. А. Веденяпин и попытки возродить работу РОВС в Китае в годы Второй мировой войны

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The article is devoted to émigré period in the life of the Preobrazhensky guards regiment’ Colonel Peter A. Vedenyapin, mainly his participation in the Shanghai division of the Russian All-Military Union during the Second World War. Having appeared in 1920 in emigration in China, the Colonel played a noticeable role in life of the Russian organizations of the former military in Tianjin and Shanghai. In the conditions of the Soviet-German and Pacific wars, which began in 1941, Vedenyapin has become one of the main initiators of the resumption of the Shanghai branch of ROVS, which ceased its operations in 1940, and the first chief of the revived organization. The impossibility of direct involvement in the armed struggle against the Soviet power due to Japan's non-participation in the war with the Soviet Union reduced the activities of the General Military Union to attempts to unite all Russian military and youth organizations in Shanghai under its leadership. The Union also sought to develop a unified ideological platform for anti-Soviet emigration, built on the foundations of Russian nationalism. The failure of the attempts and the growth of Pro-Soviet patriotism in the emigrant environment forced Vedenyapin to leave the post of the chief of the Shanghai ROVS in 1943 and to withdraw from any political activity until his departure from China in 1949. The article uses insufficiently studied documents from the archives of the Hoover Institute (Stanford University) and the Museum of Russian culture in San Francisco.
投稿的翻译标题Colonel P.A. Vedenyapin and attempts to revive the activity of the ROVS in China during Second World War
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Published - 2020


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