Применение контрактов жизненного цикла в транспортной отрасли: проблемы и перспективы

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The article discusses the application of the life cycle contract (LCC) for the transport industry in Russia. The purpose of the study is to detect the problems of LCC and identify prospects for expanding the topics of LCC management for the purchase of different types of vehicles. The definition of LCC according to 44-FZ is given, the essence of the form of interaction between the customer and the contractor is revealed. The main documents regulating the objects of procurement for LCC are listed, changes and amendments to these documents are proposed. The types of vehicles that can be purchased by LCC are indicated. The advantages of using LCC for the purchase of vehicles are described. Information about the scientific base in the field of LCC is mentioned and an assessment of the practical application of long-term contracts in Russia is given. An example of an existing LCC for the supply of electric buses in Moscow is analyzed in detail. As in the example, the main provisions and the sequence of concluding a contract with a state customer are considered. The data for the last four years on the conclusion of the LCC between the State Unitary Enterprise «Mosgortrans» and vehicle manufacturers are presented. The stages of the life cycle that are not included in the existing LCC are identified, the reasons for their lack are substantiated. It is proposed to introduce a new form of contractual relationship between the customer and the contractor in B2B and B2C segments to transfer the principles of LCC to other markets with the introduction of a new concept for these markets. The evaluation of the state of the age structure of the urban transport park, air and water vessels is given. The main problems of LCC implementation are considered. The prospects for expanding the topics of LCC management are determined. The authors raised the issue of vehicle recycling and the lack of recycling facilities proposed and justified recommendations for the creation of recycling enterprises for urban transport. Organizational and technological issues regarding the construction of a recycling system are touched upon. The main provisions for solving the LCC problems and the release of long-term contracts to a new level are formulated.
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Published - 2022


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