Специфика юмора в литературном творчестве Вуди Аллена (на материале сборников рассказов и пьес) : магистерская диссертация

科研成果: Master's Thesis


The work is devoted to the analysis of various manifestations of the comic (forms, ways, devices, etc.) in the literary works of Woody Allen, taking into account the specifics of the American-Jewish tradition of humor. The research is based on Allen's short story collections Getting Even, 1971, "Without Feathers" (1975), "Side Effects" (1980), and a collection of plays " Riverside Drive" (Three one-act plays, 2003).
In chapter 1 of our study we gave a brief overview of the comic as a literary category, as it is exactly humor that distinguishes Allen’s literary style the most. Studying and analyzing stories, we also found that his humor is clearly culturally-marked, which is why in chapter 1 of our study a section appeared devoted to the peculiarities of American and Jewish humor.
In Chapter 2, before proceeding directly to the analysis of collections, we attempted to briefly define the specific character of the story as a genre and outline the historical and literary context of its development in American culture. An analysis of the collections was conducted, during which we revealed that the leading comic effect in the stories is irony. We also found that the stories can be divided into 6 types, each corresponding to its own pragmatic effect. Headlines of stories can be divided into 3 types, each built on a comic combination of high and low, imbued with burlesque or travesty features.
Chapter 3 of our thesis is devoted to the study of the dramatic works by W. Allen, which, in fact are quite few, only 6 plays –3 of them, included in the collection "Riverside Drive", being an immediate subject of analysis. A leading stylistic device here is the irony.
The appendix contains an excerpt from an interview with Woody Allen, designed as a book “Woody Allen: An Interview with Stig Björkman.”
投稿的翻译标题Specificity of humor in the literary work of Woody Allen (on the material of collections of short stories and plays): Master's thesis
资格Master of Science
  • Ural Federal University
  • Назарова, Лариса Александровна, Supervisor
Published - 2017

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