Способ повышения интенсивности люминесценции оксидных диэлектриков: патент на изобретение

科研成果: Patent


FIELD: physics. SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in photonics, laser engineering and optoelectronics when producing laser photodetectors, optically active layers of photoluminescent, cathodoluminescent and electroluminescent devices, amperometric biosensors, chemiluminescent sensors, sol-gel glass. Nanopowder ZrO2 are subjected to cold uniaxial pressing at pressure of 900–1100 kg⋅s/cm2. Obtained compacts are thermally treated in vacuum at temperature over 1100 °C in the presence of graphite chips completely enveloping compacts. Then compacts are re-treated in air at temperature over 700 °C for 1 hour. EFFECT: technical result is an increase in the number of oxygen vacancies in the zirconium dioxide matrix, which increases the luminescence intensity of zirconium dioxide in 480 nm band.
投稿的翻译标题Method for increasing luminescence intensity of oxide dielectrics: patent of invention
IPCC09K 11/78,C04B 35/48,C30B 33/02,B82Y 40/00
Published - 19 二月 2020


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