Способ получения фенацетина: патент на изобретение

科研成果: Patent


FIELD: chemistry.
SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method of obtaining phenacetin. The method is realised by the reduction of p-ethoxynitrobenzene, carried out in isopropyl alcohol with mixing with the catalyst Raney Ni under hydrogen pressure of 2-4 atm at 60-70°C in the presence of acetic anhydride, acylation of the formed p-ethoxyaniline and separation of the target product.
EFFECT: improvement of the technology of phenacetin synthesis due to the realisation of the hydration and acylation processes in one reactor without the separation of intermediate p-ethoxyaniline and application of gaseous hydrogen as a reducing agent, which makes it possible to simplify the separation and purification of the target product and increase its quality.
投稿的翻译标题METHOD OF PHENACETIN OBTAINING: patent of invention
IPCC07C 231/02,C07C 233/25,C07C 209/36
Published - 10 四月 2015


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