Способ прокатки профилей подкладочных полос: патент на изобретение

Аркадий Михайлович Михайленко (Inventor), Дмитрий Германович Калентьев (Inventor), Екатерина Ильинична Устинова (Inventor)

科研成果: Patent


FIELD: metallurgy. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to rolling lining strips with two high and narrow flanges at rolling mills duo and trio. Method includes formation of rectangular workpiece of split profile with two flanges and flanges and its subsequent rolling in intermediate and finishing shaping two-roll gauges, better filling of ridges with metal, reduced wear of gauges and reduced value of necessary regrinding of rolls during their repair. Improved conditions for filling flanges with metal, reducing wear of gauges and reducing the value of necessary regrinding of rolls during their repair is provided by the fact that rolling is carried out in shaping gages, having convex curvature of cloth along its part and opposite to opposite direction, concave bend of outer parts of leaf - shelves. Value of web curvature on the board is equal to difference of angles of slopes of external and internal lateral faces of flanges of direct caliber, and value of bend of flanges is equal to half value of bending of the web along the board. Bending of inner part of web allows to increase small inclination of inner sides of flanges, and counter bending of shelves preserves former values of slopes of external faces of shelves, thus providing previous conditions for control of metal widening in caliber. EFFECT: disclosed is a method for rolling of lining strips.
投稿的翻译标题Method for rolling of lining strip profiles: patent of invention
IPCB21B 1/08
Published - 2 七月 2020


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