Стабилизирующее буксирное устройство одноосного прицепа с переменным наклоном шкворня: патент на изобретение

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FIELD: transport machine building. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for towing a single-axle trailer by a car. Stabilizing towing device comprises a traction lever made of front and rear parts connected to each other by means of a hinge with a transverse horizontal axis. Front part of the traction lever is pivotally connected to the fork-flange by means of a kingpin. Kingpin is connected to the front part of the traction lever by a fixed connection and is located in the vertical longitudinal plane at an inclination to the support surface. On the upper lug of the fork-flange there is a slotted flat rotary cam installed with possibility of angular and longitudinal movement in the horizontal plane, in the slot of which there is a tenon, which is vertically fixed on the fork-flange, which is shifted forward relative to the kingpin. Upper end of kingpin is arranged in longitudinal slot made in upper lug of fork-flange, and is connected to rotary cam, and lower end of kingpin is fixed on lower lug of fork-flange with possibility of axial movement of kingpin. EFFECT: facilitating turn of road train, reduced power load in coupling device, and reduced side sliding of trailer wheels at turn and tire wear. 1 cl, 5 dwg.
投稿的翻译标题Stabilizing Towing Device of Single-Axle Trailer with Variable Inclination of Kingpin: patent of invention
IPCB60D 1/02,B60D 1/04,B62D 53/04
Published - 16 3月 2022


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