Теплопроводящая паста: патент на изобретение

科研成果: Patent


FIELD: construction materials.
SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of creation of heat-conductive materials and can be used to interface thermally stressed various devices and parts. A thermal grease comprises a heat-conductive inorganic filler in the form of aluminum nitride particles and a binder in the form of an organo-siloxane polymer, polydimethylsiloxane is used as the organo-siloxane polymer, and the aluminum nitride particles have an irregular shape in the size of 110–300 mcm, which are 80–100 % by weight of all particles, the rest – particles up to 100 nm in size. Herewith, the particles with a particle size of 110–300 mcm have a structure in the form of agglomerates of aluminum nitride nanoparticles.
EFFECT: technical result consists in increasing the thermal conductivity by improving the interparticle contacts of aluminum nitride.
投稿的翻译标题THERMAL GREASE: patent of invention
IPCC09K 5/00,C08K 7/06,B82Y 30/00
Published - 18 4月 2018


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