Технико-экономическое исследование жилищного комплекса, проект в Багдаде, Ирак

Абдул Маджид Аллави Аббас, Албайати Амджад, Н.В. Городнова, Э.Г. Давлашьян

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"The article is devoted to the substantiation of the construction a housing complex project It is considered one of the most important housing projects to be constructed in a district located in the northwest of Baghdad, Iraq. The project consists of 19,964 residential units with all required public services and facilities including commercial, educational, medical and recreational activities. This project will occupy a vital area located near Holy Shrine of Imam al-Kadhim in Baghdad. In the complex project, the facades of buildings and towers have impressive architectural elements; the landscape architecture in the courtyards and walking paths has trees, shrubs, and vegetation will provide very nice scenes not only for residents but also to car drivers and passengers, who will pass through or around the project. Reducing the movement between people, spots of markets, and public services, or simply ‘getting people connected easily’, is a great part of this project, and it can be achieved by a good design for the road networks and parking lots. The authors developed a dynamic model for assessing the dynamics of the development of the Iraqi economy, taking into account indicators of socio-economic efficiency. It is concluded that the implementation of this project to improve the comfort of living in the metropolis."
投稿的翻译标题Economical feasability study for housing compleax, project in Baghdad, Iraq
期刊Экономика и предпринимательство
2-2 (79-2)
Published - 2017



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