Формирование имиджа торговой компании: магистерская диссертация

科研成果: Master's Thesis


This master thesis on "The trading company's image formation" considering the actual issues of the company's image formation.

The first chapter considers the main approaches to the essence of the definition of the image, clarifying the content of the definition of "company image", to create the impression on the target segment of the company, formed as a result of marketing communications based on the competitive advantages to create a sustainable positive attitude towards the company. The main image and marketing tools formation of the company's image. We analyzed the existing structure of the company's image and structural model proposed by the author's image of the company, as well as ranked factors influencing the formation of the image of the company.
In the second chapter, we analyzed the industry and the market position of the company "Каменный город". We diagnosis of internal image of the company, and the study of the perception of consumers of the company's image.
Finally, in the third chapter, we considered the model of a positive image formation of the trading company, reflecting the factors influencing it. The approbation of the model had done and showed the efficiency of the model.
投稿的翻译标题Formation of the trading company's image: Master's thesis
  • Мальцева, Юлия Анатольевна, Supervisor
Published - 2016

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