Tilda как платформа для верстки лонгридов в региональных сетевых изданиях

Владимир Александрович Волкоморов, Ксения Григорьевна Драницина

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The analysis of usage «Tilda» as a publishing platform for longread`s page-proofs of Russian regional online media and extent of Tilda`s features implementation in their projects is presented in the following article. The general technical requirements for long reads are revealed. Based on the content-analysis, the appropriateness of the projects regarding these requirements was examined. The authors state that the longreads reviewed have a multimedia nature, i.e. combination of different content types. The majority of them, however, do not correspond to several criteria such as interactivity level, adaptive page design, proper use of typography and feedback.
投稿的翻译标题“Tilda” as a Platform for Longreads’ Page-Proofs Used by Regional Online Media
期刊Известия Уральского федерального университета. Серия 1: Проблемы образования, науки и культуры
23 (2)
Published - 2017

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