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学生论文: Master's Thesis


The object of study first-year students. The subject of the study emotional intelligence. The master's thesis consists of an introduction, two chapters, a conclusion, a list of references (41 sources) and an Appendix that includes a description of the applied methods and tables with the results of data processing by means of methods of mathematical statistics). The volume of the master's thesis 108 pages, which contains 13 figures and 8 tables. The introduction reveals the relevance of the study, the development of problems, sets the purpose and objectives of the study, defines the object and subject of the study, formulates the basic hypothesis, specifies the methods and empirical base, as well as the stages of the study. The first Chapter includes a review of the literature on the topic of the study, a description of the concept of emotional intelligence and related concepts, Conclusions on the first Chapter are the results of the study of theoretical material. The second Chapter is devoted to the empirical part of the study. It presents a description of the organization and methods of the study and the results obtained by all the methods used: the questionnaire of emotional intelligence by Lyusin D.V., the method of diagnosing the level of development of the ability to adequately understand the nonverbal behavior by Labunskaya V. A, the method of diagnosis of social and psychological adaptation by K. Rogers and R. Diamond. The conclusions of Chapter 2 include the main findings of the empirical study. In conclusion, the results of theoretical and empirical parts of the work, as well as conclusions on the proposed hypothesis are summarized.
  • Ural Federal University
导师Любовь Викторовна Оконечникова (Supervisor)