Проектирование интерфейса для геоинформационной медицинской системы «ОТБ»
: магистерская диссертация

学生论文: Master's Thesis


The master's thesis examines the application of data visualization and the design of information panels, as a tool for managing the processes of enterprises and the state.
In particular, the interface of the system for monitoring tuberculosis data is being designed. At the moment, data monitoring is characterized by fragmentation and inaccessibility of accurate data. The relevance of the topic is due to the need for digitalization of medicine and the development of a system for monitoring data on morbidity.
The practical significance of the thesis consists in applying the results of the research to the Urals Research Institute of Phthisiopulmonology for monitoring the diseases of the population.
The efficiency of the project is confirmed by calculations of such indicators as net present value, internal rate of return, simple and discounted payback period, which allows to make a conclusion about the expediency and efficiency of the implementation of the system.
  • Ural Federal University
导师Александр Александрович Детков (Supervisor)