Развитие медицинских услуг с использованием ИТ (на примере стоматологии)
: магистерская диссертация

学生论文: Master's Thesis


The relevance of the topic of the master's thesis is due to the possibility of practical application of the methodology for the implementation of CAD / CAM systems in dental clinics. The scientific novelty of the research consists in analyzing the development of IT in various industries, identifying the preferential directions and innovative effects from the use of IT in industries. Results of work: a ready-made project for the implementation of a CAD / CAM system in the dental clinic "Pearl" was developed, taking into account the characteristics of the enterprise. Practical significance: the developed plan can be implemented in any dental clinic, taking into account the characteristics of the enterprise. The economic efficiency of the measures proposed in the dissertation is due to the fact that the implemented CAD / CAM system will pay off in the twenty-fourth month after the start of its trial operation and subsequently will bring a stable income.
  • Ural Federal University
导师Светлана Николаевна Лапшина (Supervisor)