Развитие методики анализа эффективностью управления деятельностью предприятий аутсорсинга в России
: магистерская диссертация

学生论文: Master's Thesis


One of the most important problems in the activities of outsourcing companies is the problem of forming an effective management system that would respond to changes in the internal and external environment of the company. At present, enough works have been devoted to the study of this issue. But, despite this, a number of issues related to the organizational and economic mechanism for the creation and functioning of the management system still remain unresolved. It is impossible to manage what cannot be reliably estimated, this is a well-known fact. This determines the relevance of the study. Determination of the development strategy for managing the activities of the enterprise occurs during the transition from forecasting to planning. The forecast for the development of a company, region, country is a variety of options for development scenarios. Scenario definition is strategy choice. Purpose of the study: development of recommendations for improving the methodology for analyzing the effectiveness of managing the activities of outsourcing companies in Russia. The relevance of the topic of the master's thesis can be determined primarily by the fact that it is impossible to ensure the economic stability of an organization if it is financially unstable.
  • Ural Federal University
导师Лариса Владимировна Юрьева (Supervisor)