Совершенствование методики управления запасами на предприятиях в сфере торговли легковыми автомобилями
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学生论文: Master's Thesis


Inventory management in car dealership enterprises is one of the main goals to promote competitiveness and also a key success factor of sustainable economic development. The purpose of the thesis involves improving car dealership enterprises’ inventory management. The thesis is concerned with theoretical approaches to inventory management. Educational literature, statistical data of the Federal State Statistics Service, corporative statistics data and also results of opinion pull findings were used as the basis for the research. In the master thesis was represented the algorithm of order and shipment of items, based on turnover ratio, storage period and sales variation coefficient. The key element of the algorithm lies in accounting of individual optional equipment of each item, not the item itself. Implementation of the described algorithm serves to reduce storage period of items, thereby driving down carrying costs.
  • Ural Federal University
导师Олег Владимирович Обухов (Supervisor)