Технологии "Пассивного дома" и возможность применения в Уральском федеральном округе
: магистерская диссертация

学生论文: Master's Thesis


The aim of this master's thesis is to find out the possibility of building a passive house in the Ural region. To achieve this goal it was necessary to solve the following problems, the results are presented in the thesis: 1) to define the concept of "passive house"; 2) to identify the technologies used under the construction of energy efficient buildings; 3) to consider the alternative mounting options of low-rise buildings; 4) to establish the geographic and climatic conditions of the selected area; 5) to describe the socio-economic situation in the region; 6) to reveal the specifics of the Passive House in the Ural Federal District. It was found out that construction of a Passive House in compliance with all the relevant technologies and global standards of Passive Houses in the climatic conditions of the Ural region at this stage is difficult. The main reasons of that are the following: 1) The climatic conditions of the region require for increasing the insulation layer, development and application of new types of insulating materials with higher resistance to heat transfer. 2) The economic conditions of the region determine the choice in favor of budget accommodation rather than innovation. 3) The complexity of the design, the lack of professionals and practical experience in the construction of passive houses. Master's thesis contains 62 pp., 6 fig. 5 tab., 67 bibliographic references. Graphic part - 5 sheets.
  • Ural Federal University
导师Николай Игорьевич Данилов (Supervisor)