Эмоциональная, экспрессивная и оценочная эквивалентность перевода политических речей (на материале предвыборных речей кандидатов в Президенты США 2020 года)
: магистерская диссертация

学生论文: Master's Thesis


The topic of the present graduation thesis is “Emotional, expressive and evaluative translation equivalence of political speeches (by the material of campaign speeches of the 2020 US presidential candidates)”. The purpose of the study is to identify ways of achieving emotional, evaluative and expressive equivalence in translation, which will make it possible to create an equivalent translation of the original speech texts of the US presidential candidates. The subject of the research is emotional, evaluative and expressive equivalence in translation of political speeches. The scope of the research includes translation matches and techniques used to convey linguistic units with emotional, evaluative and expressive connotations and figures of speech while translating political speeches from the English language into Russian. The study is based on communicational pragmatic paradigm. We used a descriptive method, hermeneutic method, statistical technique, valence method and approaches of stylistics and psycholinguistics. The work is novel in that it examines ways of achieving three types of translation equivalence of political speeches at once and explains variants of translation of the studied units. The results of the research may be used in translation and interpreting practice, as a teaching material for students majoring in translation.
  • Ural Federal University
导师Анна Алексеевна Шагеева (Supervisor)