Designing the leadership development system as the talent management strategy in area of HRM in the international organization
: Master's thesis

学生论文: Master's Thesis


Master thesis is performed on 124 pages (format А4, the font type Times New Roman, font size 14, interlining 1.5) excluding attachments. Number of tables – 30 (excluding attachments). Number of figures – 34 (excluding attachments). Master Thesis consists in Introduction, Three Chapters, Conclusion, Bibliography, Appendix. In the theoretical part are presented the basic concepts, objectives of the evaluations their types and forms, stages, criteria, and methods. In the practical part are analyzed the general characteristics of company research and personnel management, the analysis of human resources management, the integration of talent management strategies and the existence of a leadership development system. On the base of received results are proposed recommendation a model for the design of a strategic leadership development system for the company In conclusion to the extent that the human resources area becomes strategic aligning their talent management processes to business objectives and strategies will be able to design and develop a strategic leadership development system.
  • Ural Federal University
导师Елена Владимировна Лысенко (Supervisor)